Media content from an aspiring writer and life enthusiast

What would the world be like without the use of storytelling? I imagine it would be a place without inspiration, understanding and excitement.

You can travel around the world and understand different ways of life, live in the past, the present and the future all by reading a story.

Journalism helps the oppressed to be heard and the oppressors to be silenced.

It tells stories of the icons, the freedom fighters, the villains and the everyday person.

To be a journalist is to take life and make it into something worth remembering

Worth a look...

A bit of context...

Journalism graduate from the University of Westminster

Currently freelance specialising in lifestyle

I work alongside online music magazine, MITA 

I run a personal blog to keep my creativity flowing

London, Essex based with an aspiration of an adventurous career in journalism

The world runs on stories and I am someone eager to tell them.

Professional Instagram - @JournalwithDrew

LinkedIn- Drew-Alexandra O'Keeffe